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Who we are

Power Book Trailers comes from Power Media and Entertainment Group, that runs some of the most successful and popular media services of the world like www.TheScreenplayWriters.com, world’s Number 1 screenplay writing service; www.writer4me.com, world’s leading writer-hire service; www.power-publishers.com, Asia’s leading book self-publishing and distribution company by popularity; www.power-music.in, world’s first on-demand music album publisher and distributor; www.comic-book-artists.com, world’s leading and only platform from where you can hire experienced and talented comic book artists and script-writers; www.portraitnpainting.com, supermarket of art and designs. Founded by Pinaki Ghosh, author of 10 books, screenwriter of dozens of feature films, animated films and TV shows, who has the history of launching many unique and successful media services, Power Book Trailers is a groundbreaking service and a novel concept that aims to help authors and publishers create unbelievable buzz about their book in the most inexpensive and smart way, though some of the best book trailers one can come across.

What 'Power Book Trailers' is

We at Power Book Trailers have some of the smartest script writers (remember, we also run the world’s no. 1 screenplay service) and video editors who can read your manuscript or summary, write convincing script(s) and create video trailers for books, much like feature film teasers/trailers that will create curiosity, interest and buzz among potential readers.  These video trailers are aimed to be uploaded and circulated through popular social media like Youtube, Facebook, etc. to create inexpensive buzz about your book, which conventional methods of marketing, like newspaper, magazine, TV and radio advertisements would have cost you a fortune.

You can also use this video book trailer in your own website, and in the websites of booksellers and distributors who are selling your book. If a product video is posted with the product description, it increases the chance of the book selling by 70%.

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Next, send us your manuscript or summary, cover design and payment to kick start the book trailer production process, and wait for less than a week for us to create your video trailer and hand it over to you.

If you have suggestions about the trailer, feel free to share and we shall be happy to make changes.